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The AGSB-IC series machine is modern design auto-filling machine. It is able to satisfy all of the requests in filling of rigid containers (tin-plate, PET, glass, jar, can) with powder or graininess product.Specifications: Model: AGSB-IC Bottle High: 50 ~ 220mm Bottle Diameter: 30 ~ 140mm Storing Program: 100 Output Speed: Up to 50 Filling Method: Volumetric Power (kw): 1.5 ~ 3 Air Consumption: 1 ~ 2 NL Machine Size (L x W x H): 2,162 x 2,105 x 2,203mm Features: Computer and touch display control. All production parameter are stored. Machine according to FDA / GMP standard. The filling solution are possible with Volumetric auger, cup or exact Weighing machine. It's also possible with weight control device with feed-back function to ensure the consistency of the dispensing for whole production cycle. The bottle filling capping machine can also be linking with empty bottle feeder, and labeling machine as well as a fill automatic in line production.
It is an idea equipment for variation bottle shape, size and filling capacity, only adjustment and few parts change. The filling machine can be equipped with different dosing device like, piston pump, rotary pump, screw pump. The dosing head number was depended on the filling capacity and production speed. It is possible with double lanes also. Filling control by volumetric, level or even by exact by exact weight. The machine functions are controlled by PLC, touch display panel and AC motor driver. So different production only change working parameter. The capping machine may only adjust or change capping head and cap feeder for lug cap, press cap, metal screw cap, plastic cap... The empty bottle washing machine was designed to automatic wash the bottle by water or filter air.
The rotating cup filler with VP51 is design for packing granular product. It is a most economical and fast way on packing production, like sugar, salt, peanut, beans, peas species, melon, seeds, tea leaves, coffee bean, flummery, candy, cookies, plastic and chemical product. The product sensor control the product level in the product hopper, a set of cups made by suitable material, industrial plastic or SUS. The cups can be changed or the volume by means of moving the bottom plate to adjust the cup height. It is possible with check weight machine with feed-back function to automatic adjust the cups volume. All our VP51 machine can be equip with impulse device for packing most economical bag material like LDPE, HDPE, BOPP...etc.

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